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     ​​Save 40%-50% or More
          on Your Utility Bills
Typically, the largest monthly costs of operating any commercial building--such as an apartment building, hotel/motel, or office complex--are for energy and water. And costs continue to rise. Upgrading your HVAC, lighting systems, roofing, windows and other components of your building will reduce those costs and improve the bottom line.

Upgrading your building can also increase property values and rents, and attract the best and largest tenants, many of whom require compliance with the latest state and federal regulations. 

Pacific Energy Consulting can show you where your building's systems are outdated, wasting both energy and water. We offer a professional audit, free of charge, and will provide you with a report and recommendations for correction.

Pacific Energy Consulting has in place a team of professionals, contractors and lenders who can provide you with 100% financing of energy upgrades and water conservation measures, often with no down payment needed from the property owner, and proceed to completion of all phases of the project.
Is your building in compliance with California Title 24 requirements?
How energy upgrades can improve and sustain your building's occupancy rate
How energy upgrades can increase your cash flow and property value
California Title 24 energy standards reduce energy consumption to lessen greenhouse gas emissions and help control global warming. They also lower energy costs, increase reliability and availability of energy,  and improve building occupant comfort. Outdated building systems should be replaced to achieve these benefits.
Today's sophisticated tenants want the benefits that LEED-certified spaces have to offer.  New class A office space is green; lease-up rates for green buildings are typically 25 percent above the average.  Green buildings today offer better health standards for their occupants, and are considered a sustainable business practice.
Implementing conservation upgrades can significantly reduce your buiding's operating costs, improving your bottom line and increasing your competitive advantage in the market. Though every property is different, our experience shows that property values can increase  more than the cost of the upgrades.
Your Commercial Energy and Water Audit will consist of the following four components:

  • Analysis of your building's historic energy and water use patterns.

  • A full onsite facility inspection of all energy- and water-consuming items, including HVAC, machinery, lighting, electronics, windows, roofing, plumbing fixtures, and irrigation.

  • Identification of potential modifications that will reduce your energy and water consumption, and reduce your costs.

  • A written report to you that documents our findings, results and recommendations, possible tax rebates, and other available incentives.